Polypropylene homopolymer (PPH) is a thermoplastic polymer made from the polymerization of propylene monomer. It is a high-density polymer that has a high melting point and excellent mechanical and chemical properties, making it ideal for use in a wide range of applications. PPH is commonly used in the manufacturing of packaging materials, including bottles, caps, and closures, as well as in the production of films, fibers, and nonwoven fabrics. Additionally, PPH is used in the automotive industry for the production of various parts and components, such as bumpers and interior trims, due to its high strength and durability. PPH is also used in the construction industry for the manufacturing of pipes, fittings, and other building materials, as well as in the production of household items such as furniture, toys, and appliances.
Product Types:
Polypropylene Homopolymer (PPH) has a wide range of applications due to its high stiffness, good impact resistance, and high heat resistance. Some of its common applications include:
Injection molding: PPH is widely used in injection molding applications such as automotive parts, household appliances, and packaging containers.
Fiber and film production: PPH is used to produce fibers and films that are used in a range of applications such as geotextiles, agriculture, and packaging.
Extrusion: PPH is used in the extrusion process to produce pipes, sheets, and profiles used in construction, automotive, and furniture industries.
Blow molding: PPH is used in blow molding applications such as bottles, containers, and tanks.
Electrical and electronic applications: PPH is used in electrical and electronic applications such as battery cases, cable insulation, and capacitor films due to its excellent electrical properties.
Medical applications: PPH is used in medical applications such as syringes and medical packaging due to its excellent chemical resistance and biocompatibility.
Other applications: PPH is also used in various other applications such as toys, sports equipment, and consumer goods.

Polypropylene Homopolymer (PPH)