Wires & Cables

Polyphenyl ether (PPE) is a high-performance thermoplastic material that offers excellent electrical and mechanical properties. It is often used in the wire and cable industry due to its outstanding electrical insulation properties and resistance to heat and chemicals.
PPE is commonly used as an insulating material for wire and cable jackets, connectors, and other components. It has a high dielectric strength, which allows it to resist electrical breakdown even at high voltages. Additionally, PPE is resistant to high temperatures and has low flammability, making it a suitable material for use in high-temperature applications such as aerospace and automotive industries.
Moreover, PPE has excellent chemical resistance and is resistant to oils, solvents, and acids, which makes it a good candidate for use in harsh environments. It is also a lightweight material, which makes it attractive for use in aerospace and other weight-sensitive applications.
In summary, PPE is a versatile material that offers excellent electrical insulation and mechanical properties, high-temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and low flammability, making it an ideal material for use in the wire and cable sector.
Polyphenyl Ether (PPE)